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I didn’t know Africa was a dream of mine before 2017. Paris was and I went. I stood in front of the Eiffel Tower and cried. I cried when I got to the Grand Canyon. I cried when I got to Rome. I don’t cry every time I go to a new place but those places seemed to hit a raw nerve. It was a good cry. The kind of cry that starts in your belly and travels all the way to your eyes and before you know it tears are falling down the front of your shirt and a strange guttural sound is coming out of your mouth. The kind of cry you have to pull back from quickly and explain to passers-by that you’re fine. But the act of crying is cathartic and it always reminds me that I am moved by the beauty and uniqueness of this planet.

I didn’t cry when I landed in Dar Es Salaam for the first time in June 2017. That was when I volunteered to photograph for a British non-profit, Raleigh International in Tanzania. Since then I have been to Tanzania twice and most recently to Borneo. Even though I didn’t cry I was deeply moved and now can’t seem to settle down. These journeys have brought me closer to the world, to my own writing and to the art of photography.

I’m home now, in Joshua Tree, California, a place with many stories, and a richly diverse population. I have a plethora of ideas, interviews, and photos. I will begin to post these on this site in conjunction with my photographs. I will also continue to collect stories and photos.


It is through Storytelling that we can connect to others and allow others insight into us. A connection is what we all desire. Learning about the world makes that connection possible.

It will take time to populate this site. Stay with me, check back often and enjoy and comment.

Thank you,

Hilary Sloane



2 comments on “Stories about people at home, around the world.

  1. Eric Quander says:

    Looking forward to following the journey.


    1. Thanks Eric. Finished the conference and just getting back to the websites and writing.


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